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Probost Blog 3 - "Coach is one of the best ever!"

On the latest Jeff Probost blog of Survivor, he quotes:

"Coach is without question one of the greatest Survivor characters ever."


“You’re like my assistant coach.” Ah, thank you, reality gods. Beautiful. One of my favorite moments of the season. Coach laid out the perfect spiral pass and Tyson gently cradled it into his arms. For very different reasons, both these guys are solid gold.

Coach is without question one of the greatest Survivor characters ever. What’s your take on Coach? Love him? Love to hate him? Or just plain hate him? For the record Serena’s advice to Coach, “Just relax. Stop trying so hard. Just be yourself.” To which I reply, “He IS being himself! That’s what makes him so brilliant!"

Pictures of Coach

Coach is ... sexy, a villian, strange, .... Segal !

BuddyTV - doesn't like "Coach"

BuddyTV - interview with Jerry
"Man, me and coach were like brothers" - Jerry

TVSquad - "Coach" and assistant coach is different

Orlando Sentinel - "Is Coach one of the strangest players, ever?"

PopWrap - NY Post - "Is Coach sexiest Survivor contestant"

EW - PopWatch - "Jerry Sticks Up for Coach...Kinda"

AfterElton - ... looks like Segal

Hitfix - talks about coach - assistant coach

TVFodder - a review of the episode

Friday, February 27, 2009

Alot of Talk on Coach

Coach Quote:
“I don't care about comfort anymore, I don't care about anything else except for winning this game," Coach said, "Let me bury myself in sand, get eaten by tarantulas and bitten by snakes." - Blog



Entertainment Weekly


Episode 3 - Thoughts

I feel bad for Jerry. He is obviously a strong person but got stomach flu or something from the beans that made him weak. The tribe members saw this as a weakness and voted him out. I thought Erinn was going to be voted out just because of the mass confusion when trying to put the blocks together.
Three straight losses for the tribe. It looks as though things might be shaken up a little more now. Some controversy at the end between Coach and Erinn when she said that Brendan should be the leader. If they only knew what he had!
Coach is a strong contender and shows why he should be in command. I haven't really seen Brendan do too much. Brendan has just made an alliance on Exile Island and saved himself with the idol wheneve he knows he might be voted out. It will be interesting to see how he plays the game now.
I hope coach can keep working the alliance and maybe Brendan will fall as a leader. It is fun watching coach and Tyson talk as coach and assistant coach. I hope that alliance grows as the show goes on.
It will be interesting to see what happens next.
You can see coach is a competitor after they lost the competition in the maze. He is a very competitive person and should be. You have to be a competitive person and want to win when you coach against the best in NCAA Division II.
Keep watching and cheering for Coach.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ET Preview of Episode 3 - Probost Likes "Coach"

Here is a clip and story for ET on the next Survivor.

Story and Clip

Jeff Probost says in the video:
"One of my all-time favorite players on Survivor is Coach."

Stay tuned!!

SBU Newspaper Article - Players Shocked of His Release

Here is the complete article from the campus newspaper at Southwest Baptist on "Coach":

(if you want to read it on the Omnibus website you may have to register)
Omnibus Article

Cleaning out his office, former Women's Head Soccer Coach Benjamin Wade appeared shaken as tears welled up in his eyes at the forced suddenness of his departure. On February 16, Southwest Baptist University bought out the remainder of the "Survivor" contestant's coaching contract; just four days earlier, Wade had announced his eight-player 2009 recruiting class on the SBU Sports Information website.

A source close to the athletic department said Wade did not want to send out letters of intent unless his contract was going to be safe. He was told to send out the letters.While Wade cleaned out his office, Athletic Director Brent Good, in an hour-long meeting, told members of the soccer team the University had decided to fire the coach.Freshmen Rhiane Mitchell of England and Kelly Isaac of Wales walked out when they heard the news.

"It is going to affect us [the international players] a lot," said Mitchell, who scored an SBU all-time third-best 15 goals in an injury-shortened campaign. "We've got a lot of thinking to do… He [Good] told us that he had our best interests at heart. He didn't." As the meeting closed, about 10 team members made their way to Mellers Dining Commons-not one of them without tears in their eyes. The raw emotion of the girls was coupled by disbelief. During the meeting, one of the players asked, "We forgave Coach, how come you [the school] can't?"

SBU officials have been reluctant to speak openly about Wade's buyout, but Good told the "Springfield News-Leader" that the school bought out his contract because "Wade did not tell Good that he left team at mid-season to be on television.""I told them 'I've got to leave; you know I would not leave if it weren't an emergency'," said Wade in February 4th's edition of the "Omnibus." "'I can't get out of this and I have to go do it. I can't give you the details.' Then they jumped to conclusions that it was tied into what I went through with my brain tumor. That was something that grieved me when I came back and realized everyone was freaked out for my health. I was simply not allowed to tell anyone I was going to Brazil to be on Survivor."

Team members told the "Omnibus" Wade said he was going for medical testing.On Tuesday Feb. 3, David Pierce, Director of Human Resources interviewed the entire team and they almost unanimously wanted to keep Wade, according to several players. Mitchell and Isaac feel misled because they were told by Good that the players were the real stakeholders.

Now SBU must find a new coach for next school year as Assistant Coach Mitchell Browning takes over for the spring.

"We came to this school because of Coach Wade," said Isaac. "I don't think SBU is going to find a coach nearly as good as him. I think what they've done to him is a big big mistake. This year we could have gone to nationals no doubt, with the seniors and recruits he has."SBU is the only school in the MIAA with international players on its soccer roster. Eight rising seniors would have comprised Wade's first full recruiting class.

The eight international players represent almost half of SBU's 20 international students, according to Spring 2009 enrollment numbers. The team he assembled was 8-2-2 when he left SBU to be a contestant on 'Survivor.'

The day his contract was bought out, Wade said he expected to retrieve the rest of his belongings from his office in early March.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jeff Probost Blog - Episode 2 - Don't Mess with Coach!

Here is his blog for episode 2 - click here

Probost says: "Okay, on to the episode. I gotta mention it. Another blindside. We're 2 for 2 and I love it. Candace never saw it coming. I hated losing Candace. She was bound to provide lots of spark around camp. But Candace, you picked a fight with the wrong guy....

You picked on Coach! Nobody picks on Coach. He's a symphony conductor for crying out loud. He's a maestro! You don't mess with maestros! They're known for their Scorpio-like ''get even'' mentality. You stung him and he stung you back. Torch snuff. Bye-bye. Just like that, Candace is out."

Stories from Episode 2 - Candace and Coach Collide

Reality TV Magazine - Tension at Timbiria

E! Magazine - A Wet and Wild (and somewhat slimy) Survivor
"Just when they seemingly had decided on Sierra, Benjamin "Coach" Wade (we're still amused by that moniker) started turning the tables after Candace's negativity started to really bum him out, and he got resident cougar Debbie Beebe to agree. So it was Candace who got the boot at Tribal Council, 7-1."

Mercury News - California - Ohio Native Voted Off Survivor
"The 32-year-old attorney was targeted on the CBS show after she clashed repeatedly with another contestant, Benjamin "Coach" Wade."

News Tribune - Illinois - Cindy's Scoop on Survivor
"Where she went wrong: A member of the Timbira tribe, after losing the challenge, Candace started trash talking about Benjamin "Coach" Wade, 27, soccer coach/part-time orchestra leader, from Bolivar, Mo. She correctly pointed out that Coach didn't perform that well in an extremely physical challenge. But back at camp she opened her mouth to the wrong people apparently because both Debbie Beebee, 46, a middle school principal from Auburn, Ala and Tyson Apostol, 29, a professional cyclist from Lindon Utah went running to Coach. He said, "The cancers got to go," saying she was too negative a person. Earlier he tried to kiss her."

Episode 2 - Changing the Vote

"Coach" had an influence tonight in the move to change the vote from Sierra to Candace. He talked to and earned some trust in this episode from Debra. It looks like he is starting to earn some trust from the members of his tribe.

He had a little trouble in the physical part for immunity. It looked like he was sick or something as they showed him bent over. He conflicted with Candace on how to cook the beans and rice and that is what started the whole thinking of switching their votes to Candace.

Next week looks to be interesting as a secret alliance is formed with Taj as the previews showed. I wonder if "coach" is a part of this. If he is, it could make for an interesting game.

Let the fun continue . . . until next week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Stories on "Coach" and leaving SBU

Below are some more stories from outlets about "Coach" and his leaving SBU:

Missourinet - February 19th

Soccer America - February 19th

TV Squad - February 19th

SBU - What really happened?

This is just my thoughts and opinion and there is no truth to this but just think about it

We will never know what happened between Coach Wade, SBU, and Brent Good and why coach's contract was not renewed (fired if you choose to say). That will only be between Coach and Brent Good. But it is interesting how it all went down and how it was very unprofessional on how SBU's athletic website dealt with it:

SBU soccer announcementFeb 17, 2009, 10:57
BOLIVAR, Mo. -- Southwest Baptist University Director of Athletics Brent Good announced that a search committee is being formed to select a new head women's soccer coach. The search process will begin immediately with a goal of filling this vacancy during the spring semester.


Being in public relations myself and not atleast giving a proper news release on why a coach is not coming back is very unprofessional. SBU should have atleast put up an article that said they were not renewing Coach Wade's contract due to internal reasoning. Then, nobody would need to know why he was let go. To just release "SBU Soccer Announcement" is not a very good way to represent the university. Most athletic departments, when coaches leave or are fired, put up a blanket release saying the coach is not coming back.
Not The First Time in Bad PR for SBU in Releasing a Coach
In the summer of 2007, just before the season started, head football coach Jack Peavey resigned from SBU. Here is the release on the Baptist Sports web page . The release featured a quote from President Dr. Taylor thanking Jack Peavy for bringing in more football players and his hard work. I know that it was not a great PR situation for the athletic department as Peavey sent a letter to the Springfield News-Leader to explain why he was leaving SBU before the release was even on the SBU website.

Reporting to your superior
Since coach is a women's soccer coach he technically reports to the Senior Women's Administrator who is Dr. Renae Myles. If Coach went to her first and asked for permission to take a leave of absence and was granted then there should not be a problem. He could not technically tell her where he was going but could have worked something out with her. She then reports to Brent Good, the athletic director. Brent Good ultimately is charge of the department but Dr. Myles is Coach's first boss.

The Season
From what the Springfield News Leader article says is that Coach left with two weeks left in the season (middle of October). If counted correctly, he would miss six matches of the 19 played. So about a third of the season.

The Team
Leaving your team can be difficult especially when you have a chance to win one of the toughest conferences (MIAA) in NCAA Division II. He could not officially tell his team where he was going but that he had to leave for a little bit. After he came back and told his team why he left, they understood fully and supported him.

The Uncertainty
Nobody knew why Coach left but started to assume things. People have said that he left for cancer treatment in California. Again, no one can assume anything because you know what assuming can do - Assuming can make an a** u me! Why does he need to tell somebody where he is going if he is taking a leave of absence. It is a personal and private issue that SBU did not need to know.

Another issue is after a season is done, most coaches take some time off to either go recruit or get away. I wonder if there have been coaches at SBU that have taken two to three weeks off after a season to recruit and relax. I am sure that happens. A lot of coaches get away after their season is done to think about things.

He worked for SBU for four years so I am sure he had some sick leave and vacation pay that could be credited for his time off. So, if coach had say two weeks of leave time (sick days, etc.) and say three weeks of vacation (normal for a head coach) then that is five weeks of leave that he should be getting paid for. No questions asked. SBU does not need to know where he is at or what is happening if he has the time to use. It is his time to use. They may need a contact number but that is all. After five weeks, then, coach would have a week that was unpaid. If he went eight weeks then three weeks of unpaid leave. No questions asked.

Four Years of Coaching
In four years, Coach went 32-27-15 and had teams competing for the MIAA championship and NCAA Tournament three of those four years. He was the first coach to defeat MIAA power Truman State and took SBU to their first-ever MIAA Tournament Championship match in 2007. He had several All-MIAA athletes and one all-American. Not bad for a sport at SBU that has little funding and not great facilities to play on.

He took over a situation in which he thought would be better but SBU granted several releases for the women's soccer players after the other coach left. So, coach had to pretty much start over from scratch right after SBU had gone to the NCAA Tournament in 2004. He almost had the team in the NCAA Tournament in 2007 but was just beat out by Central Missouri. So to do what he did at SBU, on a little budget, is quite amazing.

SBU Athletic History
After all this was said and done, maybe SBU was just looking for a way to get rid of coach because he might say something on Survivor that would embarrass them. So, they had to find a way to terminate his contract which was not renewing it, even though he is probably the second winningest coach there with 32 career wins (a winning percentage).

If you look closely at SBU athletics, it will speak for itself. I am just going to put some facts out there in the past six years for the administration-coach part. In the past six years, SBU has gone through 18 coaches for their 16 sports. Here is the breakdown:
Football - 3 coaches since the 2004 season
(Ray Richards ended in 2004), Jack Peavey (05, 06), Keith Allen (07 to current)
Volleyball - 3 coaches since the 2002 season
(Mark Pryor ended in 2002), Leslie Howe (03-06), Kelly Richardson (07-current)
Women's Soccer - 3 coaches now with Ben Wade leaving
(Pete McGovern ended in 2004) Ben Wade (05-08), new coach (09)
Cross Country - 3 coaches since the 2004 season
(Mark Misch ended in 2004), Jeff DeLong (05-06), Corey McElhaney (07-current)
Men's Basketball - 2 coaches since the 2004 season
(Darin Archer ended in 2004), Jeff Guiot (04 - current)
Women's Basketball - 2 coaches since the 2008 season
(Jim Middleton ended in 2008), J.C. Carter (08-current)
Softball - 3 coaches since the 2004 season
(Dana Bradshaw ended in 2004), Cindy Snead (05-06), Christy Capner (07-present)
That has been all the changes in coaches since about 2003. A lot of turnover. The only three sports that have not changed have been tennis (John Bryant - 40+ years at SBU), golf (Kevin Cribbs - part-time golf coach and local banker), baseball (Sam Berg - 10 years and no winning record).
There has been some athletic administration changes in the past five years, too.
Athletic Director - Jim Middleton was the A.D. until 2005 when Brent Good took over.
Assistant Athletic Director - Marty ??, Nate Davis, Joanne Vaughn - all have since left SBU or retired. Maybe another one before Brent Good, too, that left.
Sports Information Director - five of them since 2003
Joey Roberts left in 2003, Adam Ledyard (03-06), an unknown SID for one month before he got fired, Mike Pitts (06-08 - now assistant A.D.), Justin Wollard (09 - current)
So, as you can see there is some history in turnover at SBU. That is all I will say.


With all that said, you can take what you want for it. Getting on Survivor is a once and a chance of a lifetime and Coach took that chance. It could have been a positive PR experience for SBU if they would have let it. Again, we do not know what took place between Brent Good and Coach. Those people bashing coach from SBU need to also look at their history and how they have treated their personal and maybe look into the turnover of so many coaches. It could just be that the coach didn't want to be there anymore. It could be that there is not enough money for the little sports and a lot of money going to football and basketball. It could be that the coaches were just burnt out. There are a lot of reasons for why people leave SBU - wanting to or forced to.

The information above about the coaches turnover is the truth - 18 coaches in about a five year span. So, before you start bashing coach for his decisions, you need to look at SBU and the decisions they have made, too, in the last five years. The road goes both ways!

More on Story from SBU - Springfield News Leader

Here is more on the story from the Springfield News-Leader:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Coach" Out as SBU Women's Soccer Coach

Southwest Baptist University had this today on their website:

"SBU Soccer Announcement - BOLIVAR, Mo. -- Southwest Baptist University Director of Athletics Brent Good announced that a search committee is being formed to select a new head women’s soccer coach. The search process will begin immediately with a goal of filling this vacancy during the spring semester."


There is no explanation for his leaving SBU and there is no article on why he was released.


Other News Headlines about this topic:

Springfield News Leader - "Survivor" Coach Out at SBU

Bolivar Herald Free-Press - "Coach" Doesn't Survive

Articles on "Coach" in January before Season Opener

Springfield News Leader - January 25th

WIBW - Kansas - January 15th

Missourinet (also has an interview with "Coach" at the bottom) - January 16th

Sacramento Bee - January 17th

Bolivar Herald Free Press - January 14th

Bolivar Herald Free Press - February 17th

Lassen County News - January 20th

Springfield News-Leader Article - Jan. 25th

"Coach" talked to the Springfield (MO) News-Leader before Survivor started. To read the article, click here.

Reality Blurred - story on "Coach"

Reality Blurred did an interview with "Coach" before Survivor started. Click here for the story.

KOLR 10 Story - Kickoff For Ben Wade

Here is another story that KOLR 10 did on "Coach" as New Life Church hosted a kickoff party for him last week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Coach" on KOLR10 in Springfield, Missouri

This segment aired just before the February 12th show on KOLR 10 in Springfield, Missouri, by sports anchor Rob Evans. Check out the story. There is video and a written story with it:

Monday, February 16, 2009 Comment on "Coach"

It has been fun to read the comments about "Coach" and his outlook and appearance on Survivor. Here is what (Entertainment Weekly) wrote about "Coach":
"Okay, enough housecleaning. Now let’s talk about the premiere of a new Survivor season that I still cannot pronounce, and the huge out-of-the-box twist of transporting the entire show back to the year 1988! I know, I know, it was a bit confusing, and I didn’t figure it out myself at first either, but where else could they have picked up a dude with a sweet hairdo like Coach? Many have tried and failed to properly wed the hairstyles of action hero Steven Seagal and Keyboardist #2 from Animotion, but leave it to the soccer rocker himself to finally get the combo down cold. So after extracting Coach from the set of Under Siege 2, the show jumped back to 2009 to the Brazilian highlands where we were warned of heat! Storms! Wildfires! And possible motion sickness! (I've been on a few of those bumpy Survivor truck rides and they are none too fun.)"
You can catch the whole blog of EW here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Episode 1: Videos on Coach

Coach talking to Sierra - 1:

Coach talking about his tattoos:

Talking to Tyson:

The First Episode

I believe Ben made his strategy known in the first epidsode by saying he wants to take the strongest four to the Final Four. I have been reading some of the fan forums and people think "Coach" is arrogant and a jerk for doing this. "Coach" is not like that. Ben, as I know him, is a very smart person and knows what he wants and goes after it. His strategy, hopefully, will get him a long ways in the game. If you let his strategy play out I think you will see that he is not arrogant and that he wants the best to be in the game.


He helped to lead his tribe to their post by showing them how to use the compass. So, he has already showed he has the leadership skills to take charge. He stepped back alittle during the competition and let others shine as Sierra showed she could work hard after being the first to be voted out at the beginning.


Ben is already working his strategy by talking to one of the guys in his tribe. This player doesn't trust him yet because he thinks he might get double crossed or played in the end. We will have to wait and see how "Coach's" strategy plays out.


I think "Coach" did well, overall. He was featured three different times on the show and Jeff Probost has posted that he is a fan of "Coach". On the Survivor website, "Coach" has 390 favorite fans right now and is just one vote behind JT for the lead of 391. So, there are people favoring "Coach" right now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Probost Comments on "Coach"

"Coach is a star. He was meant to be on *Survivor.* I only wish we could clone him. I'm already pushing CBS to do another All-Star season just so we can have him back."
- Jeff Probst

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Made It Through the First Cut

Well, the first Survivor is over and "Coach" made it through. He was featured three or four times in the hour and helped with the direction of the group through the desert. He put forward his strategy and talked to one of the players on his team already about "allegences." This player was said he was not sure about "allegences" already in the first day because you don't know if they are just lying to you or what.
"Coach" laid out his plan, a little, to take the best to the end. He said he wants the best players to play the game. His tribe won the immunity and were safe until next week. Sandy, of the other tribe, turned her fortunes around and was kept by her tribe for her work while Carolina was voted off. Can't wait to see what happens next week. Go "Coach" and lead the way!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One More Day

Survivor-Tocantin will start tomorrow night and the excitement is building. I cannot wait to see what it will bring and how Coach Wade will do. I spoke to him yesterday, informally, and he said he can't wait for the premiere. He is excited to be on TV and will be watching it with some friends in Springfield, Missouri.
After each episode, I will comment about what happened and have an informal comment from Coach Wade. So, stay tuned.


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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