Sunday, April 26, 2009

TWITTER ALERT - "Coach" is not on Twitter

For all the fans following "Coach" on Twitter, you are being fooled because "Coach" cannot have any account like this as long as the show is going on. I just became aware of this and talked to him today to let everyone know. CBS does not allow this kind of publicity right now through the contestants as long as they are on the show. That is why I am keeping the blog.

The "Coach" on Twitter is an impersonator and is not "Coach." So, if you are following "Coach" on Twitter, please stop until after this season is done when the real "Coach" will have an account.

Probost Blog - Episode 10

Jeff Probost Blog

I honestly think it's one of the best Survivor episodes ever, for the following reasons:
1. LOVED IT: The opening shot of Coach standing in the water doing his various poses — not because it's Coach but because if you really go back and look at the shot it's absolutely amazing. Our helicopter team is so good. That shot is really beautiful as it spins around him and then pulls away. It's movie good. Bet you didn't even notice it – it was that good. Go back and check.

Tyson Says "Coach is Cool"

Reality TV Interview

Coach, who is another player who seems to be taking the game very seriously, had really formed a tight bond with Tyson. “With me he was so sincere and always made sure that I was taken care of as far as whether there was food or whether I needed a break or anything like that. He was just somebody I knew I could trust. I’m not saying everybody can trust Coach, but he always respected me enough that I knew I could trust him.”

More Media - Episode 10

Entertainment Weekly - recap

About.Com - recap - Coach one of the oddest players to play the game

Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Scenes from Episode 9

Here are several extra scenes from episode 9. Three are on "Coach."

Secret Scenes

Media - Episode 10

Buddy TV - recap

MSNBC - recap

E! Online - recap

Huge Vote!!!

Wow! I can't believe Tyson was voted out. Another huge blindside. I just finished watching it and am still in shock. I thought Tyson had a chance to win it but I guess he was a big threat. I can't believe Sierra made it through. Looks like a new alliance needs to be formed and J.T. is not as trust worthy as a hand shake says he is.

Coach now has to change his plans and work another alliance and it looks like Sierra is going to be a hard one to play because of what happened this week. I don't know what to think of her and how she will play. She is very emotional and plays that card. She was spared this week because there were players that saw a blindside moment. Things are getting interesting.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wade Watchers @ SBU website

The Omnibus Online, at Southwest Baptist University, has a page dedicated to Coach Wade as the Wade Watchers. SBU let coach go in February but some of the students are still supporting coach.

Wade Watchers

Pranksters @ SBU Want Coach Back

Pranksters at Southwest Baptist dressed a statue up and put a sign on it that said bring back Coach Wade.

Complete story

Probost Blog - All About Coach

Jeff Probost Blog

Jeff Probost's blog is all about "Coach" and how he is playing the game.

Episode 9 - Media

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Episode 9 - The Dragon Slayer

So "Coach" does it again and helps to get somebody voted off. Last night there was a lot of talking going on and in the end the alliance with "Coach" and Tyson held up. Brendon was blind sided after he tried to get his own alliance and it cost him for going after "Coach."

"Coach" is playing the game well with how things are going with the alliance and using strategy. It will be fun to see what happens in the future.

"Coach" was the 'dragon slayer' as he went after Brandon and had verbal wars with him a couple of times. Throwing the objects at the tiles and Brandon saying 'nobody has done this before' and "Coach" says 'I have.' They went at each other the whole night. Makes for a good show.

Stay tuned for more 'dragon slayer' moments coming up!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Media Coverage on Survivor

Examiner. Com (MI) - Mergers and Alliances

Uncommon Sportsman
"You have to cut off the head of the Dragon" - Coach

News Tribuen (IL)
Funniest line: "We talked a little smack; pushed each other around," Coach said about his bonding with J.T. But J.T. still doesn't know who to trust.

TC Palm (FL)
"What about Coach's tattoos?"

Probost Blog
"Coach is a naive dragon slayer" - "What about Coach's tattoos?"

Examiner.Com (MI)
"Coach is in charge now!"

People Magazine
"Coach Class: Not many people deserve to have Carmina Burana serve as mere musical accompaniment for their montages, but Coach catapulted himself into a special league on day 19, meditating by the water and massaging his way to a better relationship with his Timbira tribemates. “If that’s the thing that turns you into Mr. Nice Guy around camp,” Erinn said, “You do it, every day … because I like New Coach!”

Hit Fix
Meet the New Coach, rather different from the Old Coach. The more Timbira's won, the more Coach has become an epic figure. Don't believe me? Ask the "Survivor" editors, who cut together a montage of Coach greeting the day set to "Carmina Burana," accompanied by faux thunder-and-lightning. After 10 minutes of meditation, he centers himself and declares, "This is about me now." It's about time. He'd been so selfless previously. But the other Timbirites are noticing the difference in Coach and not just that he's starting going around in circles giving free massages. "I like New Coach," Erinn announces, which isn't as bold as announcing you love New Coke, but it sounds just as absurd to me. New Coach is feeding his teammates and being friendly and doing his hair, though Brendan takes exception to Coach's claim that he started the samurai thing.

Orlando Sentinal
CBS had the most viewers Thursday night. At 8, "Survivor" led the pack for CBS and drew 11.2 million. Are Tyson and Coach two of the most annoying players in the show's history?

KHSL TV - Northern California

Volunteer TV (TN)

Entertainment Weekly
Tyson and Coach talk a lot about how awesome they are, but an injury ruins their grand scheme -- and saves Brendan from almost sure elimination. For now.

Zap2It - Recap

MSNBC - Recap

TV Grapevine - Recap

Buddy TV - Recap


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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