Monday, July 13, 2009

Coachism #7

Coachism #7
"I walked down Hollywood Blvd. for an hour the other night by myself. Like most big cities, I realized that L.A. is by far the loneliest, most souless, shallow, egotistical, materialistic place on earth. So sad to call these people thinking they "have it" when actually they have nothing at all...nothing at all."

More Interviews with "Coach"

Reality TV Magazine - an article from June with "Coach" and being on Survivor.


Big Brother 11: "Coach' is mentioned by Media

No "Coach" is not the surprise guest on Big Brother 11 but he has come up in some of the media writings and fan postings lately.

The latest is :

TV Squad - Branden, aka surfer dude, is trying to be like "Coach". This is what TV squad had to say - "It was during the fodder moments that I decided that surfer dude Braden isn't quite on the same plane as most of us. He just doesn't make sense! It's kind of like he wants to be the Ben Wade of the Big Brother house with spiritual philosophical mumbo-jumbo. But in reality, I fear he's just an eye-candy space cadet."

On - a fan commented on a Big Brother having a special guest - "Nome Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 08:26 AM EST - Please let the mystery guest be Coach from Survivor!"


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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