Monday, August 10, 2009

Coachism #8

"Like everything in life, search for what is hidden, look for what you will have to uncover, and find it is what your heart is truly looking for. Yes even in the City of Angels can you find such things (one just has to look a little harder, thats all :)"

Survivor 20 - All-Stars - Maybe Coach Being Considered

All-Star Survivor is coming up and a lot of names have been floating around. One of them is "Coach" :

TV Squad - All-Star Could Be Villians vs. Heroes - Judge Nixes Hatche's Plans for All-Star Survivor

OC Register - Look for Familiar Faces in New Survivor - If Richard Hatch Can't Do Survivor, Who Can?

Buddy TV - List Leaked for All-Star Survivor

Articles from New Zealand

"Survivor" Tocantins is currently playing in New Zealand. Here are some stories from there:

Tyson Voted Off

Sierra Goes After Coach

Debbie Gets $120 Fries

Coach Slams Critics

Comment from Tyson in New Zealand:

Tyson Apostol recent interview with New Zealand (where the show is airing live now) media outlet. Addressing his frequent nudity, Apostol said it was his method of coping with the heat and wasn't something he did regularly at home."It's 120 degrees out there (so) layering didn't really make sense to me. I just went with the fewest layers possible. You can't help it when you have a smoking hot bod."My family was a little bit shocked by that. My girlfriend's family was even more shocked by it.

"Benjamin "Coach" Wade - who regularly told the tribe random, possibly made-up stories about his exploits - was the show's most interesting character, Apostol said."You look into his face and he is not lying to you. He's telling you (tales) from the depths of his soul and heart. You can't help but believe that at the very least they've got to be somewhat true."They're so ridiculously awesome, how can one man be this awesome?"


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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