Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coachism #11

"You will go thru many life changing circumstances that I call character defining moments. What you choose to do in those crucial times especially during your developmental younger age will be essential building blocks as to who you are and who you will become. It is imperative that you think before you react, wait before your impulse tells you to go and think of not only yourself but those around you that will be impacted by your decisions. This my friend will not only allow you to walk the way of the noble warrior but also give you strength to rely on who you are when those around you have either fallen, turned against you or simply do not share your core values or honor and integrity."

"Coach" Entertains Us

From the Reality Blurred website, "Coach" was featured as one of the stars that entertained everybody in 2009.

Is "Coach" on New Survivor - Heroes vs. Villians

Here is a preview of the new Survivor and "Coach" has a clip in it. I don't know if this means he is in it or not.

Top Stories in Bolivar

Wade is named one of the top stories in Bolivar, Missouri:

NY Post Article

Coach Ben Wade was recently featured in the New York Post in an article about the upcoming season of Survivor 20. The NY Post interviewed former "Survivors" and seeing what their team would be for this next Survivor. CBS will release the new Survivor participants next week some time.

Coach quote: "I see my self as a true survivor to the bone and a true warrior and hero to the core. In tumultuous times with tenacious opponents I was able to stay strong, formulate a goal and execute to the best of my abilities without ever swaying from the goal.”

Coach’s male villain choices are memorable, like himself.

“I would like to see the dynamic duo of Johnny Fairplay and Richard Hatch on the villain side, fighting side by side for camera time, audacious shock-value behavior and execrable antics. They are two men that define survivor's dark side,” he said.

“For females, I would love to see Natalie ("Survivor: Fans vs. Favs") as she was part of one of the strongest women alliances and helped drive Erik to give up his immunity necklace. Natalie is sultry, sexy, scintillating and cutthroat. I also hold Michael Skupin from Australia in high regard as a hero,” he added.


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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