Saturday, April 10, 2010

More News on "Coach"

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  1. I can't believe they voted you out Coach! I was really rooting for you and you didn't deserve to go. Anyway you can be proud of your performance and your edit came out really nice.

  2. Coach - you are great guy and a wonderful player. I was sorry to see you go.
    I can't believe Rob was so pigheaded not to hook himself up with Russell - who seems to be a master player. I hope Russell wins. In my book, you are a class player.

  3. Coach - I agree with the comments above mine. You were a great player. My local radio station was set to interview you on the phone this morning and they were told you weren't answering your phone and that was weird. Please be okay :)

  4. You gave it your all. Integrity does not stand well in Survivor. As you know better than me.

  5. Coach,
    Where can I buy "coach" Wade merchandise. My brother is a huge fan and into meditation. I would love a big poster of you meditating and at peace for me to frame for him. Can these be purchased anywhere?



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