Friday, December 30, 2011

Congratulations On Another Awesome Season Lassen Cougars!

Congratulations go to Coach Ben Wade and the Lassen Community College Cougars who had an awesome season with a record of 14 wins 3 ties and one loss.

Post Survivor South Pacific Interviews with Coach!

Below are some really cool interviews that Benjamin "Coach" Wade did post Survivor South Pacific! Often funny and insightful, these are great reads. Check them out!

Above photo: © Rachael Narins LA Times thanks Rachael for usage!

LA TIMES Interview

Global TV Interview with Benjamin "Coach" Wade

(above photo courtesy of Edna Ma)

CBS Red Carpet Interview Video With Coach!

Photos from Susanville Symphony Concert

Provided by Amber Kesterson these images were taken post show.

Benjamin "Coach" Wade's NEW! Book Buy Today!

Coach Wade's NEW! Book written by the man himself is available for purchase now on these following websites: No Turning Back

Barnes & No Turning Back

Description provided by publisher:

In 1996, Benjamin Wade, then 24 years old, set out to paddle his kayak from Baja, California, to South America — a six thousand mile journey expected to take several months. Everyone told him he was crazy. At times he thought he was crazy.

Throughout his months of travel he made new friends, battled the elements and sharks, encountered a playful school of dolphins and paddled so close to a humpback whale that he feared the mammal would lift his kayak up from the ocean’s surface. He camped on beaches and made friends with the locals in the small towns he stopped at along the way.

Fighting the weather—including Hurricane Hernan—he was often broke, usually hungry, and was forced at times to stop to work for his meals or recuperate from injuries. Showers were a rare luxury and sunburn a constant danger, but it was crushing loneliness that overshadowed all other discomforts.

During the long months, he found within himself a deep faith that carried him through what he would later describe as “six months of hell.”

These pages hold the account of that journey, an expedition that made him, in the end, a stronger person.

Published by Shapato Publishing

About the Author

Benjamin “Coach” Wade is a musician, symphony orchestra conductor, soccer coach, has appeared on CBS’s Survivor three times, and now adds author to his list of accomplishments.

Announcements concerning 180 Film!

Via 180 Film Fan Page comes these two announcements:

We are pleased to announce that Go Digital Media Group will be distributing 180! We couldn't be more pleased with what they have to offer and are very excited about what they have in store for our film.

And ... get ready for this ... the plan is to get 180 out for the public's eyes ASAP!

We appreciate all of our fans that have stuck with us. It has been a long journey and the finish line is now in immediate site. We will be making regular updates from this point forward. We need the 180 launch to go viral!

Thanks again for all of your support. And please check back for ongoing updates!

180 will release on February 21st, 2012! We'll have more details as the release date approaches!

Keep an eye out for more updates!!

Coach Wade Places Runner Up in Survivor South Pacific!

After completing one of his finest performances ever on the show Survivor.. Benjamin "Coach" Wade placed Runner Up on Survivor South Pacific witnessed by millions viewing via world wide television. Hearty congratulations go to Benjamin "Coach" Wade on his season!!

Shortly thereafter Coach announced his retirement. However 2012 and the coming years will hold much more in store for Coach Wade! Coach remains upbeat with a television show of his own in the works and the debut of his feature film 180 which debuts in February 2012!

Coach Wade on Blog Talk Radio Show!

Coach Wade has appeared again one more time on Olivia Wilder's Blog Talk Radio Show! The Slayer never fails to entertain check it out!!!

September 14,2011

Olivia Wilder's Blog Talk Radio Show!


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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