Friday, January 27, 2012

Benjamin "Coach" Wade to appear at Celebration Charity event!

This wonderful event has returned for yet another year. The details for this event can be found here Some of the cast are returning favorites to the event such as Sandra Diaz Twine, Richard Hatch among others but the exciting part is there will be new Celebration alumni such as Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Sophie Clarke, John Cochran, Brandon Hantz, Mikayla Wingle and from this coming season: Monica Culpepper!

It looks like it will be another amazing event this year and for an amazing charity!! For sure check out this website for more details and come meet reality stars while helping some kids who could use a miracle.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Check Out New Design Plus Coach Wade's Music On Site!

Recently we have added a new exciting look to the website. Kudos go to Cutest Blog On The Block for the new look and feel.

Plus directly below these blog posts you will find a special music player that has selections from Coach Wade and The Susanville Symphony. Please take a moment while you are here to sample the various titles available. From an original composition by Coach "The Amazon" to various Symphony selections as well. Plus "On The Dance Floor" by The Dragonz from Survivor Heroes vs Villains season. The player onsite has only a sampling. To listen to all 15 Tracks look to the right of the player to the last symbol and click on it. It will take you to the player that plays all 15 tracks available.

Love it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Benjamin "Coach" Wade up for Reality TV Star Of The Year!

2011 My TV Awards have nominated Benjamin"Coach" Wade for Male Reality TV Star Of The Year! To vote for Coach you can either place a comment on the website or send the website a direct message.

Other Survivor related nominees include:

Male Reality TV Star Of The Year
John Cochran (along with Coach)

Female Reality TV Star Of The Year
Dawn Meehan

Reality TV Host Of The Year
Jeff Probst

Most Memorable Moment Of The Year
Boston Rob tosses clue into the volcano

Reality Tv Show of The Year

Vote for Coach For Male Reality TV Star Of The Year!

180 To Be Released Soon!

180 Film

180 Film which was filmed last summer in the Missouri Ozarks and is also Coach Wade's first full feature film will be released February 21st, 2012. It will be made available for a small fee via Youtube Movies, itunes and CinemaNow

When I asked Coach his thoughts recently about the movie he said he found it to be very funny. It's been a long wait but very soon 180 will be available for viewing!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coach Rocks out 180!!!

Coach will be making his feature film debut as Gavin Larson a rock star who wants to rekindle past glory in the new independent movie 180. The movie will be released for digital download Feb. 21 via iTunes, YouTube Movies, and CinemaNow

Click below to view EW's own Dalton Ross' article and to watch the video!!

Coach rocks out 180!!

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180 Film

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CBS Elimination Interview

© CBS Press Photos

CBS Elimination Interview with Coach!

Direct excerpt:
Nakul S.: Even though you knew everybody liked Sophie and she was a hard nut to crack why did u still bring her to final 3? You had a chance to vote her out why did you not?

Coach: If I had voted Sophie out you would be asking why did I compromise my word. I’m proud of how I played and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

CBS Elimination Interview-Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hollywood Reporter: Cast spill secrets!

© Getty Images

Excerpt from the article:
"Despite coming in second and fourth, respectively, Wade and Lusth both felt like they had targets on their backs from Day 1. Don't assume returning players have it easy, despite their top four finishes, they say, and you can blame "Boston" Rob Mariano -- who ruled last season by dominating his tribe to win the game -- for that, Wade says."

Read more below:
Survivor South Pacific Cast Spill Secrets!

Digital Spy Interview on Religion, Playing Fair and Alliances!

Excerpt courtesy of the interview on prayer:
"Go back and watch that episode - I prayed for victory in the challenge and then Brandon added about finding the idol. I never prayed for the idol - I'm not perfect and I certainly make mistakes but the facts were there. I never suggested we should pray for the idol but instead to win the challenge that day. I told Sophie and Albert every day that we needed to tell people, it really weighed on me.

"My first thought was to share it with people and I shared it with a few people and we made it to the end. I don't feel bad about that - everybody makes mistakes out there. We were praying about things all the time but it's something you cling onto. I pray every day in my normal life. I played 97 days of Survivor and I prayed all 97 days. The difference this time was that people wanted to pray in public. I don't think anyone made a mockery out of it. Everyone was very genuine and sincere every time we prayed."

Read the full interview below:

Benjamin 'Coach' Wade on religion, alliances, playing fair

Zap 2 It Interview Coach announces retirement from Survivor

Benjamin "Coach" Wade was the runner-up of "Survivor: South Pacific." He tells Zap2it that he wouldn't do anything differently and that he is now retired from the game of "Survivor." Check it out!

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Coach Wade is 'retiring' from the game of 'Survivor'

Interview with Hit Fix!

Great revealing interview with Benjamin "Coach" Wade he talks about why he may not be cold-blooded enough to win Survivor. If you haven't read it already stop by and give it a read!

HitFix Interview: Benjamin 'Coach' Wade talks 'Survivor: South Pacific'


Benjamin J Wade - Susanville Symphony Musical Selections

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